property management services What makes an experienced Property Manager?

Property Management Services Mornington Peninsula – When it comes to managing rental properties most Property Manager’s in real estate refer to themselves as experienced based upon their time working in property management and the number of rental properties they manage. The key question investors should ask when looking for a Property Manager is exactly how long you have been a Property Manager with the Real Estate Agency they are working for.

With 17 years’ experience in managing rental properties as a Property Manager and Rental Department Manager, our expertise allows Impact Property Management Group Agents to mitigate and manage any potential problems that can arise with property investment. As an investor, you will take comfort in the knowledge that as part of our property management services, we manage every aspect of your property to minimise risk and maximise your return!

Our team of real estate agents are based in Mornington and cater to real estate and property management clients in Frankston, Mt Eliza, Mount Martha and other surrounding areas of Mornington Peninsula.

Qualified and Experienced

"Great customer service is not about finding a tenant in the shortest possible timeframe. Customer Service is about understanding the investors goals for the property and matching the investor to the tenant and the tenant to the property. Having the right landlord/tenant and tenant/property relationship assists in meeting the investors expectations and provides a suitable property to a tenant".


An experienced Property Manager will price the investment property within a realistic range of twenty dollars depending on the prevailing market conditions (supply vs demand).


Understanding of state legislation is crucial to all investors. Depending on how your Property Manager understands and follows legislation will determine the outcome of a situation which, if done incorrectly could be costly and time consuming.


Quality networks come with experience and time in the industry. Reliable and cost effective trades people are critical especially if there is emergency maintenance, general maintenance or annual maintenance on a property.


Knowledge is the key to how well the investment property is managed. An investor should be shown how the asset will be managed through systems and procedures and you advice about when to spend money and when it is not necessary.