Property Developers

Impact Owners Corp. Management have a shared vision and are committed to establishing collaborative partnerships with developers to deliver outstanding results. Our consultation service for developers from pre-construction to building handover ensures a smooth transition everytime.


We assist with pre-construction by:

  • Providing guideance on setting up the Owners Corporation as per the Plan of Subdivision
  • Review lot liabilities and lot entitlements
  • Assist with Owners Corporation Rules and Regulations to be included in the Contract of Sale
  • Provide quotes and agreements for property maintenance
  • Assist with waste management planning
  • Review pre-construction drawings

During Construciton

There is a lot of work involved in preparing the Owners Corporation for handover.

  • Insurance - upon confirmation of construction costs we will organise competative insurance quotes for building insurance
  • Review quotes and budgets - during construction we review quotes and budgets to ensure they remain relevant and we identify if there are any risks of major changes
  • Inspection - regular insepction of the construction site as it nears completion to iron out any issues, if any
  • Support - continued support during the construction and ensuring compliance with legislation


We assist by Registering the Owners Corporation and:

  • Completing the Inaugural General Meeting
  • Set up Owners Corporation (Registers, Accounting Records, Files, Minutes, Insurance Schedules, Certificates and Supplier details
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates for settlement
  • Manage and report any property defects to builder
  • Property audits and implementation of various management procedures