Family Friendly Mornington

First of all Mornington is a great real estate market for young families. Most of all, for families with children moving towards independent age. We have fabulous schools, a choice of playgrounds, nature reserves and dog friendly park and best of all the beach! Due to the beaches and lifestyle which is quieter than the city it seems like the perfect place for families.

Older Residents

The slower lifestyle, abundance of cafes and easy walks make Mornington very popular for our older residents. Many older couples and singles seem to be drawn to the area from the inner city suburbs.  As a result demand for rental properties has increased.  Hence, everyone is looking to experience life on the Mornington Peninsula and take advantage of the space and beauty it offers.

Mornington Sea Views

Therefore, the Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate sea change! Since the beautiful beaches and coastal views as far as the eye can see makes living here the complete lifestyle. Properties located on the Esplanade with uninterrupted bay views are well sort after. They are almost a symbol of the local real estate market.

Modern Housing

Furthermore, modern housing and apartments have become a prominent figure in Mornington. This has changed the face of the real estate market to encompass ‘city-living in a coastal scene’ style. This is due to the development of modern townhouses which have a contemporary city feel.

Mornington Cafes Lifestyle

Especially relevant are the many quality Café establishments throughout the town. Cafes drive the social scene and the weekly Mornington Main Street Market draws huge crowds. Lifestyle in is on par with the city, it is easy to see why locals love living in Mornington.

To find your idyllic rental property or ideal property for sale in the Mornington area contact the experts at  Impact Property Management Group. We will make sure to get the perfect fit for you and your family.